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Our Ultimate Website Checklist

Our checklist helps us get things done and deliver you results.

To ensure we achieve a positive outcome and, ultimately, success, for your website it’s a good idea to have a road map of everything that we do before a website launches.


  • Proofread

  • Format written content

  • Implement a contact page


  • Validate HMTL markup

  • Validate CSS

  • Preview site in major browsers

  • Check responsive design

  • Optimise images

  • Add a Favicon


  • Test drive web forms

  • Confirm form messages and redirects

  • Review autoresponders

  • Check your speedscore


  • Install & configure SEO plug-in (Yoast)

  • Implement META descriptions & data

  • Set up permalinks

  • Optimise images

  • Set focus keyboards

  • Content analysis optimisation


  • Install anti-spam solution

  • Implement login protection

  • Set up backup solution


  • Ensure required company details are included

  • Ensure licences are in place

  • Include copyright note

  • Privacy policy

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Implement cookie warning

  • Add Captcha to avoid spam


  • Implement sign-ups if required

  • Connect with social media

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